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The HTML Toolbox (HT) stores various crosslink information about Matlab programs using HTML.



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The HTML Toolbox (HT) stores various crosslink information about MATLAB programs using the HyperText Markup Language (HTML). This version of the toolbox writes the following information about each MATLAB program in a HTML file:

- m-files called by the current program.
- m-files that call the current program.
- mat-files loaded/saved
- files related to printing of plots
- m-files called in the actual MATLAB code of a program

HT can also create frames.

Comments and Ratings (3)

Jamel Hattour

That's a bit outdated, but still great. I use it all too often. It helps with documentation and testing. Works with up to version 6.1. For 6.5 a minor fix is needed. A new tool that does commenting of classes etc would be more than welcome.

Matthew Simoneau

Very nice.

To get it to run, I had to change line 20 in LEXSORT:

From: if i==[], break, end
To: if isempty(i), break, end

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 5.2 (R10)

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