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Polyspace Batch Templates

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This is a set of scripts allowing to launch verification in batch modules by modules.

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This is a set of scripts allowing to launch in batch file by file, class by class or package by package Polyspace® verifications.
Scripts allow to launch and to download set of modules
in a 'massive' way (in remote or not). For instance, as soon as you want to Polyspace a set of files, some classes and some packages which concern same project, you can use the associated batch scripts:
* It could be the case for a developer who wants to verify his set of files, classes and packages before beginning a campaign of unit testing.
* It could be the case for a QA engineer who wants to do some acceptance testing on a project using Polyspace.
It contains a way to download results and create
simple HTML summary.

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Ram (view profile)

Learn more about Polyspace static code analysis here:

Ferenc Kalincsak

There is a mistake in file.
"$PRODUCT/bin/polyspace-remote-desktop-cpp" should be written instead of "$PRODUCT/bin/polyspace-desktop-cpp".


Updated license


Compatibility of Summary script with Polyspace release R2011b


Compatible with Polyspace R2011a


update compatibility with Polyspace release R2010a


update Compatibility with Polyspace release R2010a


copyrights updated for BSD license and add a HTML summary script


Add a a script to create an simple HTML summary of downloaded results


Bug fixes about "PolySpace Batch for C" and "RemoteDownload"


Batch templates updated for r2009a. Take benefit of the -options-file option.

Compatibility with PolySpace Products r2008a release (version 5.1).

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.13 (R2011b)

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