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Toolbox Wavelets on Meshes

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A toolbox to compute wavelet transform on 3D meshes

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Toolbox Wavelets on Meshes - wavelet transform on 3D meshes

This toolbox allows to compute the wavelet transform of a function defined on semi-regular triangulation. For instance it allows to compute
* wavelet transform of a function defined on the sphere, one this function has been sampled on a 4:1 subdivided tetrahedron.
* wavelet transform of a function defined on a 4:1 subdivided coarse triangulation.
* wavelet transform of a semi-regula meshes, viewed as 3 functions defined on a 4:1 subdivided coarse triangulation.

The wavelet transform is implemented using the lifting scheme, as described in
Peter Schrodder and Wim Sweldens
Spherical Wavelets: Efficiently Representing Functions on the Sphere
Siggraph 95

This toolbox also allows to compute a semi-regular triangular subdivision surface using Loop and Butterfly stencils.

There are helper functions to create multiresolution spherical meshes, to load a semi-regular mesh from a geometry image, and to display function on sphere and on meshes.

This toolbox is still experimental. Only a lifted wavelet using a butterfly sub-division is implemented - more to come soon (including Loop wavelets).

Copyright (c) 2007 Gabriel Peyre

Comments and Ratings (11)

maha hany

great effort
I want to implement the 3D wavelet on 3D mesh
I have meshes with (vertices(array(5197*3)) and faces(array(10390*3))) the vertices and faces aren't cell array as in toolbox ""

can you help me please

thanks in advance

Anton Semechko

Anton Semechko (view profile)

Neat toolbox! Everything seems to work well except one thing. When the function titled 'perform_mesh_subdivision' is called to perform square-root-3 subdivision more than one time, it produces incorrect results; the resulting face-list references more vertices than are actually inserted during subdivision.

How to use this toolbox to multiresolution analysis a 3d mesh into a mesh coarse and the the wavelet coefficient vectors.

thanks for sharing !

Thomas Clark

Thomas Clark (view profile)

Watching with interest :)

vick Audi


wafa (view profile)

merci bcp

Raymond Cheng

Thanks for your sharing.

terry Haung

thank you

Leo M

Thank you for this useful script,
Could I apply this toolbox on free form shapes (3D sculptured surface) to find wavelet transform!

xunkai wei

Really big works, I think it should be given the highest score!



Update of Licence


BSD Licence

Added html help files.

Added support for subdivision surfaces

Added geometry images processing.

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MATLAB 7 (R14)

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