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COLORVFIELD3 Colored 3D Vector Field Plotter

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COLORVFIELD3 Colored 3D Vector Field Plotter



26 Nov 2007 (Updated )

Plots 3D vectors colored according to their lengths.

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File Information

COLORVFIELD3 Colored 3D Vector Field Plotter.

COLORVFIELD3(X,Y,Z,U,V,W) plots colored vectors with components (u,v,w) at the points (x,y,z). The vectors are colored using the jet color map (with the smallest vectors colored blue the largest colored red) and are divided into 32 discrete color levels.

COLORVFIELD3(X,Y,Z,U,V,W,NUMBER_COLOR_LEVELS) divides the color map into NUMBER_COLOR_LEVELS dicrete color levels.

X = linspace(-10,10,32);
Y = linspace(0, 0, 32);
Z = linspace(0, 0, 32);
U = linspace(-1,-5,32);
V = linspace(1,5,32);
W = linspace(0, 0, 32);
colorvfield3(X,Y,Z,U,V,W,16); % plot 16 color levels
title('3D Vectors Plotted with Color Map (colorvfield3.m)')

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)
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