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Model Determination using Genetic Algorithm: Forst-Kalkwarf-Thodos Model

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computes four parameters of Forst-Kalkwarf-Thodos Model



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We use the genetic algorithm (gatool) to determine the four parameters of the implicit Forst-Kalkwarf-Thodos Model. Predictions are in perfect agreement with data of vapour pressure of iodobenzene versus temperature for a temperature range from 380.15 K to 580.15 K.

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HASSEINE Abdelmalek

good job - useful to chemical engineering student and professionals...

Duane Hanselman

I don't know why this author continues to post codes such as these. They do nothing but generate the figure shown in the submission. They are generally poorly written in many regards and essentially useless to anyone else. Are these submissions used to pad the author's resume by counting these as "publications"?

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