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Olin Robotics Blockset for xPC Target

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Olin Robotics Blockset for xPC Target


John Kluza (view profile)


04 Dec 2007 (Updated )

xPC Target drivers for common robotics devices with example models.

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The Olin Robotics Blockset for xPC Target is a set of xPC Target drivers for common robotics devices. The supported devices are:
Garmin GPS 18-5Hz (Consumer GPS)
NAVCOM SF-2050G (Precision GPS)
Microstrain 3DM-GX1 (INS)
SICK LMS 291-S05 (LIDAR up to 500Kbps, any operation requires Fastcom 422/2-PCI-335 serial card)

The GPS and INS drivers allow the user to read data off the devices. Each device's proprietary software from the manufacturer or hand coded ASCII RS232 instructions must be used to configure the device before use. There are example models and documentation included directing the user how set up and use the drivers. These drivers use standard RS232 serial hardware.

The SICK LMS 291-S05 driver allows the user to read distance data and write configuration data using a handful of blocks. This driver supports the LMS 291-S05 at both its low speeds (<500Kbps) and its RS422 500Kbps high speed transfer rate using a required specific serial card, Fastcom 422/2-PCI-335. There are example models and documentation included on how to setup and use the LMS 291-S05 with the xPC Target drivers.

Additionally, there are some blocks with simple examples of setting up feedback motor control in xPC Target using an Analog output and an Encoder input. This demo relies on the Sensoray 526 driver blocks which are included with the shipping version of xPC Target.

The Olin Robotics Blockset for xPC Target was envisioned and funded by Professor Dave Barrett of Olin College for use in Olin College's SCOPE projects (Senior Consulting Program for Engineering). The design and development of the blockset was completed under contract with The MathWorks by John Kluza and Krishna Tamminana of MathWorks Consulting Services.

The Olin Robotics Blockset has no warranties or guarantees associated with it. These drivers have been tested on MATLAB Release 2007a with the hardware specified. However, there are a great deal of ways hardware and software configurations can vary, and no guarantee is made about the functionality of these blocks on any other system.

Required Products Simulink Coder
Simulink Real-Time
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)
Other requirements Each driver requires the device hardware to be present to operate properly.
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Comments and Ratings (4)
14 May 2012 Benjamin  
21 Feb 2008 Mirko Paoletto

I'm trying to understand the drivers but I think that something is missing in the package because the Sick.Utilities.Data_Display block warns about a "Bad Link" (Warning: Unable to load block diagram 'Sick_display_patch_for_v1_0'.)
I'd like to have the working version if possible. Good and very useful package.

04 Jan 2008 Chris Banker

I only used this for the Garmin GPS, but it worked very well for that. I used it with a GlobalSat BR-355 GPS, which uses the same NMEA 0183 protocol as the Garmin. The block was quite easy to work with and saved a lot of time.

25 Dec 2007 taha koroglu

we need more help. thx for the 3dm-gx1 but we can not see the data coming from the INS in the matlab menu.

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