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Olin Robotics Blockset for xPC Target

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Olin Robotics Blockset for xPC Target


John Kluza (view profile)


04 Dec 2007 (Updated )

xPC Target drivers for common robotics devices with example models.

% This M-file is to change the settings of the LMS sensor in MATLAB to do
% the following:
% 1) Change the baudrate to 500k using RS422 communication setup via Fastcom 422/2-PCI-335 board
% 2) Permanently set this baudrate as data transfer rate for the sensor (To memorize even the power is turned off)

%% Create a serial object for MATLAB to talk with the board
%% At this time, switch on the Sick Sensor connected to the PC either using the RS-232 or RS-422 connection 
% Read the initial response message from the LMS (30sec after the unit is turned on when the LED turns GREEN)
Initial_Response = fread(s,29,'uint8');
%% Status Request Telegram
% This telegram can be sent at any time to verify if you are able to
% communicate with the sensor.
% NOTE: A response telegram from the sensor if it starts with 
% 06hex (6 decimal) indicates success
% 15hex (21 decimal) indicates failure in the sense that the sensor is unable to send any response for the telegram
Status_Chk = uint8([2 0 1 0 49 21 18]);
Status_Ack = fread(s,161,'uint8');
%% Change to 500K BaudRate (high-speed mode) Telegram
Bd500k = uint8([2 0 2 0 32 72 88 8]);
Bd500k_Ack = fread(s,10,'uint8');
% change the board rate on the PC as well before any further communications
s.BaudRate = 9600; % the board assumes 9600 would actually correspond to highest possible BaudRate for the corresponding clock rate
%% close the serial object

%% At this time, change the board settings from the PC by right clicking on
% My Computer->Properties->Hardware->Device Manager->Ports and change the clock rate to 8 MHz and check the "enable custom baudrate" option 

%%  Reopen the serial object
%% Change to Installation mode (password is hex SICK_LMS)
Install_Mode = uint8([2 0 10 0 32 0 83 73 67 75 95 76 77 83 190 197]);
InstallMode_Ack = fread(s);
%% Set the current BaudRate as permanent
Perm_BdRate = uint8([2 0 2 0 102 1 157 78]);
Perm_BdRate_Ack = fread(s);
%% Close the serial port object in MATLAB

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