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Probes for viewing physical variables



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These probes are for use with the Simscape multi-domain physical modeling tools (Simscape, Sim Driveline, SimHydraulics and SimElectronics). The ssc_Probes.m file calls the library file containing probes for viewing the through and across variable for each domain. The ssc_dc_motor.slx model file is an example of how to use. See Help block for additional usage notes.
To learn more about MathWorks Physical Modeling products go to:
This toolbox was developed by Tom Egel from the [Consulting Services]( group at MathWorks

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Tom Egel

Tom Egel (view profile)

Updated for R2014a. Created ssc_Probes.m to open the library based on version of MATLAB being used. Older versions placed in the Archive folder.

Tom Egel

Tom Egel (view profile)

Provided one more update for R2013b that includes Probes for SimPowerSystems 3G domain in the Electrical library

Tom Egel

Tom Egel (view profile)

The Probes have been updated to use Simulink Signal logging instead of the To Workspace blocks. This seems to be much more robust. Comments/suggestiotn welcome.

Tom Egel

Tom Egel (view profile)

The switch to "To Workspace" was done to accomadate users who want to be able to have the Probes used in a library block (this is not possible with Scopes). As for the naming limitation, until I can figure out a better way, it is up to the user to provide unique names (I tried using genvarname, but there is a 64 char limit). The names are updated during model update. As for simlog, currently the only options are All or None. Once additional functionality is added here, I will be able to add a logging option.
Thanks for your feedback.


Aditya (view profile)

Tom, was there a reason you shifted to ToWorkspace blocks instead of scopes? It seems that the ToWorkspace block variable name does not change when the name of the block changes - also creates a problem if I use them within different subsystems with the same name.

I think a potential addition would be a right click menu configure option to switch between logging and no logging (using something like a variant subsystem). It could improve simulation performance if there are a large number of probes (I tend to use more probes and save it to the workspace because the simlog files become too large).

Tom Egel

Tom Egel (view profile)

The lastest update for 12b fixes the callback issue.


Aditya (view profile)

Great stuff.
However, can you release an update for 2012b? In 2012b when evaluating the OpenFcn callback it tries to do close_system(gcs) which generates an error if the probe is at the top level of a model. If it is not at the top level of the model then it does not produce an error but it goes to the top-level of the model. You then have to use the back button to get back to your original spot.


Tom Egel

Tom Egel (view profile)

The SimPowerSystems library contains voltage and current measurement blocks that output a Simulink signal. You could easily recreate what I have done by putting these blocks under the mask. You’ll also have to remove the PS->S block since it is not needed for SimPower.

Han Geerligs

I was wondering if this approach could also be applied to electrical systems built with Simpowersystems blockset?

Will Campbell

Will Campbell (view profile)


Jean (view profile)

Very good idea this lib ! Was thinking about creating something like this but the work is already done and Well done !
Save a lot of room when we need to put scope in model.

Umbi Cardella

Umbi Cardella

Will Campbell

Very handy!

Guy Rouleau

Very useful blocks. Saves a lot of time

I always use them, I modified the blocks a little bit to include them as a library in the Simulink browser.

Let me know if you are interested to get the modified version I created.



No updates to files. Added Link to Consulting and description.

Update for R2016b.

Updated license


Updated for 2015b. Fixed bug in CopyFcn callback when probe is place inside library block.


Updated for 14b


Updated for R2014a. Added a MATLAB script ssc_Probes.m that calls the appropriate version based on the MATLAB release. The Archive folder contains versions older than the current release of MATLAB.


One more update for R2013b that includes Probes for SimPowerSystems 3G domain in the Electrical library.


Updates for R2013b:
1. Added probes for Thermal Liquid domain
2. Replaced "To Workspace" method with signal logging.
3. Updated R2012a, R2012b and R2013a versions in the Archive directory to also use signal logging.


Updated for 13a. Probes use MATLAB plots instead of Simulink Scopes.


Updated for R2013b. Replaced Simulink Scopes under mask with To Workspace blocks. OpenFcn callback plots workspave variables in MATLAB.


Updated for 12b


Fixed warning message bug found in R2012b pre-release. Updated current version (R2012a) and R2011b version in Archives directory to remove warning message when upgrading to R2012b.


Updated for R2012a


Updated for r2011a. Fixed minor bug (GroupSignals now only displays global signals)


Updated for R2010b. Added sl_customization menu to toggle Goto tag between local and global. Default is now local, per user request.


Assigned domain-specific default units to each probe and made unit visible when model is initialized using InifFcn callback.


Updates for r2010a include probes for Magnetic domain and sl_customizations for editing units and adding output port. See Info block for usage notes.


Updated for release 2010a. Added probes for Magnetic domain and sl_customization.m for changing units and adding output port (see Info block for details)


Changed release to 2009b


Added copyright notice


1. Changed name to Simscape Probes.
2. Added probes for the Pneumatic domain in r2009b.
3. Added internally referenced probes for quicker probing of across variables.
4. Added the GroupSignals GUI.
5. Added an Info button with usage notes.


Updated to use more compact symbols for less clutter. Also added a physical signal scope.

Adding useful links for File Exchange users.

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