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Parse Strings Using Delimiters

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These two functions parse a string or cell array of strings based on one or more delimiters.



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These two functions parse a string (character array) or cell array of strings based on one or more delimiters. I designed it as a replacement for strtok.m because it did not meet my expectations or requirements as a string parsing function. These functions no doubt require further enhancement and refinement so any suggestions you might have would be welcome.

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varunr (view profile)

Does exactly what I needed. Select a portion of a string between 2 delimiters.I couldn't for the life of it get strtok to work this way.

Exactly what I needed!! Thanks soooo much :)

mh3456 Helm

Jeff Jackson


Those are good comments but your code will not output an empty token if the input string ends with a delimiter. My code takes care of this occurrence. I will update my code to use your speedy alternative. Thanks for your input.


and on second thought, why not use regexprep en strread so that you can retrieve the non-existent strings anyway:

s = 'what a great , day'
tokens = ', ' ;

tokens2 = ['[' tokens ']'] ;
r = strread(regexprep(s,tokens2,char(1)),'%s','delimiter',char(1))

Jos x@y.z

Just wondering. What about using STRREAD?

strread(s,'%s','delimiter',' ,')

which will not return empty cells (i.e., no-existent strings between two consecutive tokens.

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