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CtrlLAB provides a graphical interface to perform feedback system analysis and design.

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CtrlLAB is a group of MATLAB functions which provide graphical interface to perform feedback system analysis and design tasks.

The facilities provided by CtrlLAB are:
a) model entering, including SIMULINK modeling
b) model display
c) system state space realisation
d) model reduction using different algorithms
e) system analysis in frequency, complex and time domain
f) graphical display and figure editing and manipulation
g) a matrix displayer and editor
h) PID tuning and displaying facilities
i) a great many controller design procedures are implemented

CtrlLAB 3.0 is designed exclusively for use MATLAB version 5 and over. Some of the advanced facilities for MATLAB 5.2 have been reflected in CtrlLAB 3.0. CtrlLAB 3.0 requires the Control System Toolbox and Simulink for many of it's functions. For robust control problems, the Robust Control Toolbox is required.

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Can we use CTRLLAB for MIMO systems ??

very good

shiguang wen


wang (view profile)




Li (view profile)

Very nice tool !

Dianwei QIAN

Dear Prof. XUE, thanks for your work. This software is very useful for control education.

he julia


Victoria Herrera G


W Jack

very popular in our team

dj le


Jose armando Becerra Vargas

Is OK!

Xiang Hongjun

Murugesan Karuppiah

Jose Alberto Garcia Ortega

Jian Xu

farzin ahmadi


liu bao_qi

lakshminarayana kilaru

viroch sukonthakarn

Rael Evangelista

This version doesnt work on my Matlab v6.5.1, I'm using Windows XP with Service Pack 1. Do you have an updated version that works with the specs on my PC?

ramanjaneyulu Bhamidipalli

Xue Howa

Xu Zing

Sudhir Deshpande

Xiangjun Kong

Nicely coded!

Jack Oran

Luis Echeverría

Very Good

Jim Rom

sinan karahan


d d


Franc Dimc

An effective tool also for self learning.

YangQuan Chen

Really a great set of tools good for both first control class teaching, selflearning, as well as research projects.

x xb

Vidyadhar Waghmare

Students will find it as a very handy tool

Xin Liu

I really like the idea of the interface design. It's pretty handy.

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