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Continuous Phase Oscillator in Simulink



14 Dec 2007 (Updated )

Generate a simple cosine wave in Simulink

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A Simulink model that generates and displays a simple cosine wave. The model computes the cosine function using the continuous phase method, which is based on Euler's formula for the complex exponential. The cosine generator is provided as a subsystem, which the user can copy-and-paste into other models. The subsystem's mask allows the user to control two parameters: the oscillation frequency 'Fc', and the sampling rate 'Fs'.

The model includes three versions of the oscillator sub-system:
1. Floating-point (double-precision).
2. Fixed-point with no magnitude stabilization
3. Fixed-point with magnitude stabilization

All three outputs are plotted using a Time Domain Scope. In addition, the first and third outputs are also plotted in the Frequency Domain using the Spectrum Scope.

Required Products DSP System Toolbox
Signal Processing Toolbox
Simulink Fixed Point
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)
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02 Sep 2010 siddhu

a good work presented in mathworks..... but i want detailed explanation to it

18 Dec 2007

Fix the keywords, and clean-up the description.

20 Dec 2007

Minor improvements to the .mdl file and the screenshot.

10 Jan 2008

Added more detail to the description

03 Jun 2009

Major update to incorporate fixed-point and magnitude stabilization.

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