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Measuring Clock Jitter with xPC Target

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Measuring Clock Jitter with xPC Target


Doug Jones (view profile)


14 Dec 2007 (Updated )

Explains how to measure PC clock jitter using xPC Target.

% XPCJITTERTEST: Tested using TCP/IP connection with No Graphics.
close all; clear all; clc;                  % Start with a clean environment
MICRO = 1e-6; NANO = 1e-9;                  % Parameter constants
MEGA  = 1e6;  GIGA = 1e9;                   % Parameter constants
tClkFrq = 2.8*GIGA;                         % Theoretical clock frequency (Hz)
tSampleRate = 250*MICRO;                    % Theoretical sample rate (sec)
tg=xpc;                                     % Create target object
tg.load('xpcJitterTest');                   % Download model to target PC
tg.SampleTime = tSampleRate;                % Set sample rate (sec)
tg.StopTime = 11;                           % Set stop time (sec)
+tg;                                        % Start jitter model
pause(12)                                   % Wait until the run ends.
tStart = 1;                                 % Start computing statistics at 1 sec
tOffSet = tStart/tg.SampleTime+1;           % Index for time offset
t = tg.TimeLog(tOffSet:end)-tStart;         % Simulation Time
pJitterCnt = tg.OutputLog(tOffSet:end,1);   % Clock Jitter (Counts)
ccJitterCnt = tg.OutputLog(tOffSet:end,2);  % Clock Jitter (Counts)
mClkFrq = tg.OutputLog(tOffSet:end,3);      % Clock Frequency (Hz)
pJitter = pJitterCnt/mean(mClkFrq)/MICRO;   % Period Jitter (usec)
ccJitter = ccJitterCnt/mean(mClkFrq)/MICRO; % Cycle-Cycle Jitter (usec)
if mean(mClkFrq)* NANO < 1.0                % Determine clock scale (GHz or MHz)
    clkScale = MICRO; clkFrqLabel = 'MHz';
    clkScale = NANO;  clkFrqLabel = 'GHz';

% Display statistics.
disp(['Clock Frequency (' clkFrqLabel ')         : ' num2str(mean(mClkFrq)*clkScale,'%8.3f')]);
disp(['Period Jitter Mean (usec)     : ' num2str(mean(pJitter),'%8.3f')]);
disp(['Period Jitter SDev (usec)     : ' num2str(std(pJitter),'%8.3f')]);
disp(['Period Jitter Max  (usec)     : ' num2str(abs(max(pJitter)),'%8.3f')]);
disp(['Cycle-Cycle Jitter Mean (usec): ' num2str(mean(ccJitter),'%8.3f')]);
disp(['Cycle-Cycle Jitter SDev (usec): ' num2str(std(ccJitter),'%8.3f')]);
disp(['Cycle-Cycle Jitter Max  (usec): ' num2str(abs(max(ccJitter)),'%8.3f')]);

% Plot jitter signals.
figure(1); clf;
subplot(2,1,1); plot(t,pJitter,'b',[t(1) t(end)],[tSampleRate tSampleRate]/MICRO,'r','LineWidth',2); 
set(gca,'XLim',[t(1) t(end)]); set(gca,'YLim',[248 252]);
grid on; xlabel('Time (sec)'); ylabel('\musec'); title('Period Jitter');
subplot(2,1,2); plot(t,ccJitter,'b',[t(1) t(end)],[0 0],'r','LineWidth',2); 
set(gca,'XLim',[t(1) t(end)]); set(gca,'YLim',[-2 2])
grid on; xlabel('Time (sec)'); ylabel('\musec'); title('Cycle-Cycle Jitter2');

% Plot jitter statistics.
figure(2); clf;
subplot(2,3,[1 4]); axis([0 10 0 10]); set(gca,'Visible','off');
h=text(-2,   9,'Period Jitter MEAN (\musec):');       set(h,'FontSize',12); h=text(7,   9,num2str(mean(pJitter),     '%12.3f')); set(h,'FontSize',12);
h=text(-2,   8,'Period Jitter STD (\musec):');        set(h,'FontSize',12); h=text(7,   8,num2str(std(pJitter),      '%12.3f')); set(h,'FontSize',12);
h=text(-2,   7,'Period Jitter MAX (\musec):');        set(h,'FontSize',12); h=text(7,   7,num2str(abs(max(pJitter)), '%12.3f')); set(h,'FontSize',12);
h=text(-2, 3.5,'Cycle-Cycle Jitter MEAN (\musec):');  set(h,'FontSize',12); h=text(7, 3.5,num2str(mean(ccJitter),    '%12.3f')); set(h,'FontSize',12);
h=text(-2, 2.5,'Cycle-Cycle Jitter STD (\musec):');   set(h,'FontSize',12); h=text(7, 2.5,num2str(std(ccJitter),     '%12.3f')); set(h,'FontSize',12);
h=text(-2, 1.5,'Cycle-Cycle Jitter MAX (\musec):');   set(h,'FontSize',12); h=text(7, 1.5,num2str(abs(max(ccJitter)),'%12.3f')); set(h,'FontSize',12);
subplot(2,3,[2 3]); hist(pJitter,1000);  ylabel('Period Jitter')
subplot(2,3,[5 6]); hist(ccJitter,1000); ylabel('Cycle-Cycle Jitter')

% figure(2); clf;
% subplot(2,1,1); hist(pJitter,1000);  xlabel('\musec'); ylabel('Period Jitter')
% subplot(2,1,2); hist(ccJitter,1000); xlabel('\musec'); ylabel('Cycle-Cycle Jitter')

% Plots the cycle-cycle jitter PSD.
figure(3); clf;

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