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MATLAB & Simulink for Dynamic System Analysis & Control

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MATLAB & Simulink for Dynamic System Analysis & Control


Arash Mohtat (view profile)


19 Dec 2007 (Updated )

An instruction package for Control Toolbox, Simulink and SimMechanics in Mech. Eng. Control Course

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MATLAB is one of the best pedagogical software tools to illustrate and visualize concepts in engineering programs. Considering the vast influence of this software on control engineering, teaching "MATLAB & Simulink for Dynamic System Analysis & Control" is of paramount importance in undergraduate engineering curricula. This download package, including Power Point Presentations, sample Simulink models and M-Files, is designed for use in a control course with mechanical engineering orientation. This course package presents a compact treatment of Control Toolbox, Simulink and SimMechanics with emphasis on system modeling, simulation and control design. In contrast to most treatments presented in common control textbooks which focus on command syntaxes and instruction, this package illustrate various application of the software to a variety of engineering problems and encourages students to use the software and refer to the software documentation when required. This course package is classroom-tested for two semesters and is the result of my experience in instructing software-oriented classes in University of Tehran. The package contains selected materials used to instruct a 6-session course with the following syllabus:

Session 1)
 a. General overview of Control
 Toolbox;Mathematical/Physical Modeling
 b. 1DOF spring-mass-damper: ODE45,
     tf, ss, Simulink (DE,tf,ss)
 c. Control Toolbox: LTI objects,
    Conversions, System Dynamics,

Session 2)
 a. Modeling non-linear systems
   (Projectile with air resistance)
 b. Automobile suspension modeling
    with Simulink
 c. Time-domain analysis

Session 3&4) SimMechanics
 a. Basic concepts; Building models
 b. Modeling a double-pendulum
 c. 1DOF spring-mass-damper:
 different physical modeling approaches
 d. Automobile suspension modeling
     with SimMechanics

Session 5)
 a. Some more advanced features
  (Subsystems; S-functions;
   Conditions & logic, CAD-software,
   Virtual reality; Soft computing;
   Real-time & HIL)
 b. Frequency-domain analysis
 c. Control design by SISO tool

The package includes 4 series of homework assignments. Based on this abundant course, students might be required to prepare various demanding projects, each assigned to a group of two or three students.

Required Products Control System Toolbox
Simscape Multibody
MATLAB release MATLAB 7 (R14)
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