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shannon and non-extensive entropy

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shannon Tsallis,renyi,escort Tsallis entropy and relative entropy



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The functions include extensive Shannon and nonextensive Tsallis,escort Tsallis,and renyi entropy.
the funcition names start with K_q_ indicate relative entropys
Usage for all the seven functions:

if we assume DATA to be a matrix by M*N . then the format should be
sum(DATA(:,i))=1,for i=1:N, and N is the length of the time series

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what is q in the code?

Kindly help I need to know the input parameters should be the probability of image or image itself

I have downloaded your files and tried to use but I get this error "Undefined function 'shannon_entro' for input arguments of type'double'." I have placed entropy folder containing all your files in bin folder.



kriti (view profile)

how do i run this?
pls give me 1 example what "DATA" should be like?

ali reza

thanks a lot

Chen Wang


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