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Objective Image Fusion Performance Measure

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Objective Image Fusion Performance Measure



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Objective Image Fusion Performance Measure Proposed by C.S.Xydeas and V.Petrovic. Published in IEE Electronics Letters.

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Ismail (view profile)

How to implement this code, I get very low Qabf value..0.1, otherwise subjectively it is very good.

good one

Abbas Cheddad

Abbas Cheddad (view profile)

Would you please tell me why some of your model parameters are set to the negative value:

In yours:

L=1; Tg=0.9994;kg=-15;Dg=0.5;Ta=0.9879;ka=-22;Da=0.8;

In the original paper of Xydeas and Petrovic:
L=1.5, Γg=0.9994 , κ g=15 , σ g=0.5 and Γα=0.9879 , κα=22 , σα=0.8

jun wang

very good

Bo Liu

easy to use

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