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Load Flow Gauss Siedel

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Gauss Siedel method having infinite iterations

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Power System Load Flow Analysis using Gauss Siedel for infinite number of iterations

If you are downloading this file to submit an assignment or doing your homework than "Best of Worst Luck".

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Ayoub Biyou

Kawser Ahmed

kishore kumar




Fatema (view profile)


Karthi (view profile)

can it be used for distribution load flow studies.

than u for such kiend of help.....

jehan hussain

pleas send to me simple program about gauss siedel load flow analysis for one iteration thank you.

saloman danaraj

1.Modify the program for patricular data format (ieee format).
2.Develop program for admittance matrix .
3.You can refer Power system analysis by Haadi sadaat

Sujoy Barua

need to be improve by using easy meathod..........Thanks

usha ahsu

thank you, ma madam tourture thatukolekapothunam. u helped alot

sankar usha


esoo oose


John D'Errico

I forgot to add the most important thing to my review. This file merits a "poor" rating.

Duane Hanselman

This appears to be a very poorly done solution to a homework problem. Unethical students might find this useful, but it is pure crap to anyone else.

B. Roossien

It is a script file that clears your workspace. There are almost no inline comments and the grid structure has to be specified in the file itself. Especially for complex networks, writing down the admittance matrix is a lot of work. Instead use bus connectivity and let Matlab do that job.

Because Gauss-Seidel isn't the best way to solve load flow problems, without the inline comments, this file is of no use but to the author himself.

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