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CCS Toolbox

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Interfaces Matlab to the Microsoft Compute Cluster Server via XML

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The CCS Toolbox for Matlab is a simple interface from Matlab to the Microsoft Compute Cluster Server. It allows job submissions from the Matlab environment.

The jobs are described entirely as Matlab data structures.


  % create a job and assign a name
  j = ccsjob;
  j.Name = 'My CCS job';
  j.Project = j.Name;
  % create a task and assign name, execute command, and work directory:
  t = ccstask;
  t.Name = 'mytask';
  t.CommandLine = 'run.bat';
  t.WorkDirectory = '\\cluster\myfolder';
  % assign task to job
  j.Tasks(1) = t;
  % write job to xml submission file
  jobfilename = 'myjobsubmission.xml';
  ccs_create_submission_file(j, jobfilename);
  % submit job to CCS cluster
  clusterHeadNode = 'cluster-hn';
  system(['job submit /exclusive:false /jobfile:', jobfilename, ' /scheduler:', clusterHeadNode]);

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.3 (R2006b)

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