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VOIP From One Simulink Session to Another

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Use the Signal Processing Blockset to enable voice communications between different workstations.



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Use your Simulink as a telephone to talk with your buddies! This demo allows for full duplex voice communications between Simulink sessions running on different machines. It is a variation of of a shipping demo in the Signal Processing Blockset. The encoder and decoder are the same, but m-file s-functions using the Java interface from MATLAB are included to allow for communications across the internet using the UDP protocol.
The demo is initially configured to communicate with localhost - loopback mode. After you run it, make a test sound. You should hear the sound back out of your speaker shortly thereafter.
The delay will likely be noticeable. You will also have to be careful about the placement of the microphone and speakers you use to avoid audio feedback. If the demo works on your machine, then you can get someone else to run it also, change 'localhost' to appropriate IP addresses on each end, and then talk to each other between Simulink sessions.

The original version of this submission (dspilbc_mic_duplex.mdl) works for releases R2007b thru R2008b. For releases R2009a and later, use dspilbc_mic_duplex_9a.mdl and the associated block library dspilbclib_9a.mdl.

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Jeka (view profile)

Pankil Patel

how to connect java?/??

Pankil Patel

please explain how it works

cp lin

husam alouni

thanks but it does not work with vesta


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Added copyright statements to all files.


Added missing file dspilbc_mic_duplex.mdl.


Added a new version that works for R2009a and later. Updated comments accordingly.

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