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Using the DICOM toolkit dcm4che from Matlab

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Example showing how to load and use the dcm4che dicom toolkit

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Matlab's image processing toolkit provides functions for reading and writing DICOM medical image files, but it does not provide a full DICOM toolkit for networking, structured reports, etc. This example shows how to call the robust and open-source dcm4che toolkit ( to access greater DICOM functionality directly from matlab. You can use this to replace or enhance Matlab's DICOM interface and add DICOM networking.

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I have downloaded older version of the tool but I have found another problem. The names of the Java library files have dots in their names and I a got several warnings and finally an error:
Warning: Invalid file or directory
> In javaclasspath>local_validate_dynamic_path (line 271)
In javaclasspath>local_javapath (line 187)
In javaclasspath (line 124)
In javaaddpath (line 71)
In demo_dcm4che (line 19)
Undefined variable "org" or class "".
Error in demo_dcm4che (line 24)
dcm =;


Brian (view profile)

I have tested the classes in your example and they work well. I am specifically interested in utilizing the dcmsnd class but I can't determine the command to load the object into Matlab. I was wondering if you could provide some insight. Thanks.

Cecil Yen

Patrick Bolan

Patrick Bolan (view profile)

Note about versioning: This only seems to work with Matlab 7 or later. And, if you're using a different version of dcm4che you'll need to update all the library filenames appropriately.

Jackson Shen

It is really good. Could you give some more info. about how to get the information in the Tag? For instance, it will be very usefull to know how can I get "Pixel Spacing", "Image Position (Patient)", "Slice Thickness" etc ...

Flavia Costa

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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