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Echo Canceller Workbook targeting a dsPIC

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Echo Canceller Workbook targeting a dsPIC


Kerry Schutz (view profile)


22 Jan 2008 (Updated )

This set of models and word documents show an echo canceller development workflow.

% Echo Cancellation Data Specification
% Model parameters
%   Copyright 2008 The MathWorks, Inc.
load sm_filt;  % spkr_to_mic_filter coefficients
sm_length = length(spkr_to_mic_filter);  % variable from sm_filt mat file
spkr_to_mic_delay = spkr_to_mic_delay;    % also part of sm_file file
pic_frame_size = 80;
Fs = 8000;
Ts = 1/Fs;

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