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Echo Canceller Workbook targeting a dsPIC

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Echo Canceller Workbook targeting a dsPIC


Kerry Schutz (view profile)


22 Jan 2008 (Updated )

This set of models and word documents show an echo canceller development workflow.

%   Copyright 2008 The MathWorks, Inc.
def = legacy_code('initialize')
def.SourceFiles = {'ec_single.c'};
def.HeaderFiles = {'ec_single.h'};
def.SFunctionName = 'ex_sfun_myec_single'; 
def.InitializeConditionsFcnSpec = 'void clear_states(void)';
def.OutputFcnSpec = 'void myec(single u1[80], single u2[80], single u3, single u4, single u5, single y1[80], single y2[32])';
legacy_code('sfcn_cmex_generate', def); % generated c code
legacy_code('compile',def,'-g');  % for debugging
legacy_code('slblock_generate', def,'myec_single'); 
legacy_code('sfcn_tlc_generate', def);

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