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Steam Condenser Model and PI Control

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A dynamic model of a steam condenser with PID control.



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The zip file includes the model description in a pdf file, a simulink model of the steam condenser, a function to perform Reaction Curve PID tuning and an m-file to run the model.

The m-file can be used to learn how to use the Reaction Curve approach to tune a PID controler. The model itself can be used to test various control design approaches, e.g. MPC.

The model was developed under R14SP3 (MATLAB 7.1, Simulink 6.3). If there is any requirement to work with previous version of MATLAB/Simulink, please drop me an email.

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Good Work, Thanks

nice work. thank you

V. Poor

Ren Lili


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MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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