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Running Extrema

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Returns the running minimum or maximum of a vector or matrix (analagous to the running average)



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Given a set of data, this function is intended to return an output of the same size which gives the lowest (or highest) values which are present within the specified window size. Algorithm is *much* faster than sequential calls to min with reduced ranges, at least for large data sets.

% runningmin - Computes a running extreme of an input vector or matrix
% Optional file header info (to give more details about the function than in the H1 line)
% Syntax: out = runningmin(input,nSamples,type)
% input - vector or matrix of data to return the running min or max from
% nSamples - The size of the window to check for mins or maxes
% type - 'min','max', or 'both' (default) which type of extremes to return
% out - running minimum or maximum requested. If both minimum is returned
% first, then maximum
% Example
% [runMin,runMax] = runningExtreme(data,31,'both')
% Subfunctions: fillIn
% See also: min, max, sort

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