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Shaded area plot

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Plot two lines, then shade the area between those two lines.



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SHADEDPLOT draws two lines on a plot and shades the area between those lines. The function allows you to choose the color of the lines and the fill area.

The SHADEDPLOT function is simple and basic. Error checking on the inputs is not performed. Handles to the graphics objects are returned, allowing the user to customize the chart outside of this function if necessary.

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qingping li

Eva Popova


Andres (view profile)

really useful!


J B (view profile)

is there a way to shade between beween 2 lines in the vertical (ie y is the same, x varies)

shadedplot(x1, x2, y1)

instead of

shadedplot(x1, y1, y2

Elena Gil

freddy Rojas

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MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

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