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Gaussian Mixture Model

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This simulates the Gaussian Mixture Model

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The GMM returns the cluster centroid and cluster variances for a family of points if the number of clusters are predefined. The centroid and variance can then be passed to a Gaussian pdf to compute the similarity of a input query point with reference to given cluster.

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li liu

li liu (view profile)

Y cc

Y cc (view profile)

well done


shamla (view profile)

i need to apply gmm for iris dataset and obtain 3 clusters.The final result should display the index of datapoints/ datapoints itself, in each of the clusters. i need help about this as soon as possible. please help


shuzee (view profile)

Can it be extended?

Omid Aghazadeh

The code assumes isotropic Gaussians.


Ilina (view profile)

Great job :)

Amit Dvash

Although not documented the variable and function names made it easy (for me) to follow the code. I liked it ;)

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