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Fuzzy Arithmetic

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Fuzzy Arithmetic



17 Feb 2008 (Updated )

This is simple GUI which gives idea of fuzzy logic arithmetic operation

Fuzzy Logic/FA1.fig
Fuzzy Logic/FA1.m
Fuzzy Logic/FA2.asv
Fuzzy Logic/FA2.fig
Fuzzy Logic/FA2.m
Fuzzy Logic/FA3.asv
Fuzzy Logic/FA3.fig
Fuzzy Logic/FA3.m
Fuzzy Logic/FA4output.asv
Fuzzy Logic/FA4output.fig
Fuzzy Logic/FA4output.m
Fuzzy Logic/HELP.fig
Fuzzy Logic/HELP.m
Fuzzy Logic/HELP1.fig
Fuzzy Logic/HELP2.fig
Fuzzy Logic/HELP2.m
Fuzzy Logic/HELP3.m

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