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Nodose neuron action potential firing.

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Model of action potential firing by an A-type nodose neuron



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Simulink implementation of nodose neuron action potential firing with parameters from the following studies:

Schild,J.H., Clark,J.W., Hay,M., Mendelowitz,D., Andresen,M.C., and Kunze,D.L. (1994). A- and C-type rat nodose sensory neurons: model interpretations of dynamic discharge characteristics. J. Neurophysiol. 71, 2338-2358.

Schild,J.H., and Kunze,D.L. (1997). Experimental and modeling study of Na+ current heterogeneity in rat nodose neurons and its impact on neuronal discharge. J. Neurophysiol. 78, 3198-3209.

The screenshot image is the response to 0.04 nA current injection from the resting membrane potential at 37C.

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juan gomez

quiero verlo

Elena Petroff

An excellent model to test contribution of different ion channels to the shape and frequency of the action potential discharge.

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MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

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