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Functional programming



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Type issue with map.m from last update. This should fix that.

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Ahmed Fasih

Consider making this a package: put files in a directory called "+functional" and prepend "functional." to every call to a function inside. This enables us to avoid namespace clashes, e.g., by calling "functional.foldl(...)".


Joerg (view profile)

Mo Chen

Mo Chen (view profile)

Ahmed Fasih

Only because Matlab functions all live in the same namespace, I don't like grep.m as its filename conflicts with another FEX submission, "grep: a pedestrian, very fast grep utility" (

Ahmed Fasih

How has this not been 5-starred to the sky!? Thank you, I've been torturing Matlab's cellfun/arrayfun/set/get/etc. into some something functional for years, and now this!

k k


select.m was my second function I wrote, and thus isn't very well done matlab wise. This is much super nicer. Also provides a grep, negate, and isTrue function to use with closures.

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