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UMTS FDD Downlink Simulink Model

version 1.0 (920 KB) by

Simulates UMTS Physical layer FDD for Downlink.



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The model consists of Physical layer simulation for downlink. The model is based on 3GPP standards 25.101, 25.211. 25.212 and 25.213 for Release 99, however Receiver implementation is not defined by the standard.

The current ZIP file includes Alex's original models and also my debugged model.

Please read "Readme.txt" among the Zipped files.

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i need the code on command window m file pleas


Hi! Do you have somebody to start this model? Because I have a problem with some blocks


DION (view profile)


Does anyone run the file that sent from Syed Mohammed Zafi ?
Have anyone tried different values for spreading factor?

Jian Jing

I 've got the problem while running the program.
-->Input argument "frameBased"is undefined.
-->Error evaluating 'MaskCallback' callback of bernoulli random binary Generator block(mask)' 'Bernoulli Random Binary generator'. input argument "frameBased" is undefined.

Hanxue BAI

when i tried to run, it displayed:

Error in 'wcdmaphlayer3/BLER Calculation/Multiport Selector1': Initialization commands cannot be evaluated. MATLAB error message: Error using ==> dspblkmultiportsel at 54
'Indices to output' parameter must be numeric, non-sparse, non-empty vector.

could you tell me why?

Sandeep sheokand

Would you like to send me this m files code ? I need this to complete my theses in WCDMA channel estimation. may be we can discuss further 'bout this. thanks before

Mohammed Zafi Sherhan Shah

Sure, you can contact me through my email address

Hadeta Premiesyani

Would you like to send me this m files code ? I ned this to complete my research 'bout WCDMA channel equalizer. may be we can discuss further 'bout this. thanks before

Syed Mohammed Zafi Sherhan Shah

Please follow the instructions in Readme.txt, you shouldn't have any problem then, unless you're doing something wrong. You can send me an email provided in the file, but please write 'Matlab Query' in the subject

Naresh Harwani

I am still getting the same error. Please explain me the procedure to run simulation.

Alan Smith

Thanks I needed that model, but please inform me when you get higher data rates to work as well

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