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Delta Sigma Toolbox


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14 Jan 2000 (Updated )

High-level design and simulation of delta-sigma modulators

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function [v,i] = hull2d(p)
%[v,i] = hull2d(p)     Convex hull of a set of 2D points.
%p is a np x 2 array; v is a (nv+1) x 2 array,
%with the last point being a duplicate of the first,
%(that way, plot(v(:,1),v(:,2)) yields a plot of the polygon)
%and i is the index of each vertex in the p array.
%v starts at the lower leftmost point and moves ccw around the hull.
% Author: Richard Schreier, Oregon State University. <>
% Thanks to Ty Lasky of U.C. Davis for uncovering a bugs caused by the 
% existence of multiple left-most and right-most points.

%The algorithm was distilled by the author from an animated hull-finder called
%XYZGeobench, which was at one time available from

%Find the (lower)left-most and (upper)right-most points.
x = min(p(:,1));
leftmost = find(p(:,1)==x);
[y,il] = min(p(leftmost,2));
il = leftmost(il);
l = [x y];

x = max(p(:,1));
rightmost = find(p(:,1)==x);
[y,ir] = max(p(rightmost,2));
ir = rightmost(ir);
r = [x y];

if l==r		% Degenerate cases
    v = l;
    i = il;

%Split the points into those above and those below the l-r line.
isAbove = leftof(p,l,r);
ia = find(isAbove);
ib = find(~isAbove);
above = p(ia,:);
below = p(ib,:);

%Sort them in terms of increasing first coordinate.
if any(isAbove)
    [junk,isort] = sort(above(:,1));
    above = [l; above(isort,:)];	% l must be first.
    ia = [il; ia(isort)];
else % no points above
    above = l;
    ia = il;
[junk,isort] = sort(below(:,1));
below = [below(isort,:); r];	% includes the l and r points; r must be last.
ib = [ib(isort); ir];

%Move along the underside, building the vertex list as we go.
a = below(1,:);
nb = size(below,1);
b = below(2,:);
v = [a;b];
i = [ib(1); ib(2)]; 
nv = 2;

for n=3:nb
    p = below(n,:);
    while( ~leftof(p,a,b) ) % backtrack vertices
	nv = nv-1;
	v = v(1:nv,:);
	i = i(1:nv);
	b = a;
	if nv>1
	    a = v(nv-1,:);
    v = [v;p];
    i = [i;ib(n)];
    nv = nv+1;
    a = b;
    b = p;

%Move along the top side, continuing to build the vertex list.
na = size(above,1);
for n=na:-1:1
    p = above(n,:);
    while( ~leftof(p,a,b) & nv>2) % backtrack vertices
	nv = nv-1;
	v = v(1:nv,:);
	i = i(1:nv);
	b = a;
	a = v(nv-1,:);
    v = [v;p];
    i = [i;ia(n)];
    nv = nv+1;
    a = b;
    b = p;

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