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UWB Receiver/Transmitte​r Using Continuous Wave

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M-file uses random data which modulates a carrier to configure a BPSK UWB transmitter/receiver syste

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M-file uses random data which BPSK modulates a carrier to configure a BPSK UWB transmitter. The receiver demodulates the BPSK UWB carrier and the data is recovered.

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I would suggest you enter JC under author and look at QPSK TX and IQ Corralation RX. I used a simple RC low pass impulse response with the filter function since I don't have the butter function. You might also try replacing the multipliers with the xor function. You get the same results. It also uses a one bit flash converter (my definition and opinion)-happy fathers day

dilmi houari

uwb receiver


i would like to get more infomation on how to design atransceiver for please

Li Llin



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