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Record and Save Video in any length using web Camera

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This Windows based GUI software enables user to take video in any specified time length from the web



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The software can be run in either the MATLAB or the Windows without the MATLAB. The motivation of this software is the limited capacity of the imaqtool in saving a video of long time length. The job is completed by taking appropriate numbers of short videos with each less than 10 seconds.

Before running the software, make sure that the cameras are connected to the computer and the suitable drivers are installed. The Windows Vista automatically installs almost most web camera drivers for the user when the computer is connected to the Internet.

When running in the MATLAB, Image Acquisition Toolbox is required, and the recommended version is 2007b. The required files are:
TakeVideoAndPlayMovie.m and TakeVideoAndPlayMovie.fig.
Run TakeVideoAndPlayMovie.m from the Editor or the command line, it is suggested to press the GUI Buttons in the topdown or left to right order. The following order is recommeded:
1) Video Setup, it will generate an input PopUp window, and users are prompted to either accept the default value or fill in the new value for the following information fields: directory for saving video files; the filename prefix; total length of the video; video device adaptor name (keep default normally); frames per trigger; video section time length (normally less than 10 seconds); the devide IDs to indicate which web camera will be used.
The next List Pop-Up window enables user to select the format the video pictures.
2) Preview: this button previews the video.
3) Stop Preview: this button stops the video preview.
4) Take Video: record the video in the specified time length.
5) Play Movie: view the video recorded. However, it is recommended to use Windows Movie Maker to view the recorded products.

To run standalone in the Windows, required files are: TakeVideoAndPlayMovie.exe and TakeVideoAndPlayMovie.ctf, and MCRInstaller.exe (not uploaded owing to the big file size, get from matlabroot\toolbox\compiler\deploy\win32 or contact me for the file). First, do as MatLab compiler toolbox tutorial for the standalone program: “Run MCRInstaller once on the target machine, that is, the machine where you want to run the application or library. The MCRInstaller opens a command window and begins preparation for the installation.”
Next run TakeVideoAndPlayMovie.exe.
Follow the above same instructions in the Matlab environment.

Comments and Ratings (4)

Partha Ghosh

If you start the m-file from Matlab and enter video settings (esp. file path) this crazy program deletes everything inside the folder you choose!!!
How such crap can happen??

steve m

bad english riddled throughout the GUI and code..

nilesh more

Alex F.

If you start the m-file from Matlab and enter video settings (esp. file path) this crazy program deletes everything inside the folder you choose!!!
My whole "current directory" was gone after trying out!
How such crap can happen??

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

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