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Google Maps Loader

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Loading Google maps in Matlab.



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This Demo shows a very simple method for loading Google map and satellite map in MATLAB.

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I need offline google map. I mean download the map and use it when I don't have net.
who can help me?


Omar (view profile)

hello, i wanna know how to donwload satellite maps and images

do you use any local server like GE-serveretc????

i am getting following error ........
please help me to fix it.......

?? Error using ==> reshape
Size vector elements should be nonnegative.

Error in ==> readgif at 73
X = reshape(X,g.getWidth,g.getHeight)';

Error in ==> imread at 389
[X, map] = feval(, filename, extraArgs{:});

Error in ==> test1 at 17
[I map]=imread(address,'gif');

Murat Murat



Since Jan 2016:
Get your "Google Static Maps API" from the link below:

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)

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