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EZW (Embedded Zerotree Wavelet)

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Matlab implementation of EZW (Embedded Zerotree Wavelet)

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Matlab implementation of EZW (Embedded Zerotree Wavelet)

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amine (view profile)

Thank you for the given code, except that I have a problem at the psnr. The Highest PSNR I Could reach is around 25, not good! How to fix it?

Hariharan K

I have a requirement. Can any one help me get the PNZT pattern for each threshold, as a result of EZW coding on a image. I just want to cross check the results I got out of the code I wrote.. I will provide details of the image

thnx a lot..

tina jain

can you tell me if I want to apply Run length encoding on the result of dominant list.Where to apply code

James Linas

good job,thank you very much...


The code has at least one error:
in func_dominant_pass

line 44 :
%Check the flag
 if(~isnan(data(row, column)) ....
line 56
 data(row, column) = 0;%which shall be NaN;

The highest PSNR I could reach via lena256 is 25, not matter how small the threshould is.That's definitely not correct.

tina jain

how to convert the image into matrix

it's good but how abaout color images, it work with gray image only when i try color images i have errors

Pavan Kota

Nizar Ahmad


shau (view profile)

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for a code that can take a 2D data matrix as input and apply ezw/spiht on it. I am not working on images just the data matrix. Wavelet toolbox function in matlab 'wcompress' also takes image as input..

Kindly help.


sunil priz

good code..can i get mat lab codings for image compression using ezw algorithm...plz help me...

Jan Stolarek

Good code, clearly written and well commented but not optimized. After two days of refactoring I've managed to speed it up 2 times.

ali reza

nice program. thank you very much...

Nice piece of code. Thanks for sharing!

Naveed Abbasi

good job...

Dong Li

nice code

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