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greedy algorithm in OFDM resource allocation (single user)

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the implemention of greedy algorithm in mex file



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As the power needed to transmit a certain number of bits in
a subcarrier is independent of the numbers of bits allocated to
other subcarriers, it turns out that a greedy approach is optimal.
A greedy algorithm assigns bits to the subcarriers one bit at a
time, and in each assignment, the subcarrier that requires the
least additional power is selected. The bit allocation process
will be completed when all required data rate is satisfied.

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bito (view profile)

Useful! thx


Syed (view profile)

Thanks Hamid for this


Sir can you give me code multiuser greedy algorithm. I already used you code singleuser but I want modified to multiuser greedy algorithm. I need help from you.

Nur Indah


asma b

asma b (view profile)

sir can you give me code for subcarrier allocation

Hamid Ramezani

Hamid Ramezani (view profile)

For those who are working with MATLAB on a 64 bit operating system, please build a 64 mex function for the c code inside the zip folder.

The instruction is as follow:

1. mex -setup (choose the appropriate compiler)
2. mex greedyAlgSingleUser.c (building mex function)

Hamid Ramezani.

Varuna De Silva

Thanks Hamid, this code is very helpful as a starting point.

However, I have a doubt in your calculation of individual channel SNR's after SC allocation.

In the program channel SNR = Pt / CSI^2, for fourth image.

however, shouldn't it be SNR = Pt*CSI^2/ variance of AWGN ?

Thank you .The result is good.

subbu ks

how to run thus file.showing error in greedyAlgSingleUser...can u please suggest me at earliest

yang lin

how to use it?



remove mex file


license will be added

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