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Gabor filter bank generator

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Routine to generate Gabore filter bank.



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This routine will return a cell array containing the Gabor filter bank. I wrote this routine to generate Gabor filter banks to enhance fingerprints for my AFIS project.

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Akshay Gore

Akshay Gore (view profile)

how to get colored output as shown above


wang (view profile)

is there any demo to explain the work of gabor filter


C G (view profile)

Agree with previous comments - this code needs comments and does not run without correcting deg2rad.
Also, filter size is incorrect if sigma_x and sigma_y are not equal.

No comments in the Code.
You should replace the function deg2rad by angs= ang_s * pi / 180. Otherwise it creates an error. deg2rad is not in matlab...

Shantou yun


i need cmac(cerebellar model arithmetic computer) matlab code for fingerprint classification.can anyone help me?


thank you for your help.I'm Lotfi from tunisia

chen guanghua

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MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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