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UISWITCHRENDERER adds a pushtool to the figure toolbar for the direct renderer choosing.

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Two reasons to set the renderer yourself are
   * To make your printed or exported figure look the same as it did on the
     screen. The rendering method used for printing and exporting the figure
     is not always the same method used to display the figure.
   * To avoid unintentionally exporting your figure as a bitmap within a vector
     format. For example, high-complexity MATLAB plots typically render using
     OpenGL or Z-buffer. If you export a high-complexity figure to the EPS or
     EMF vector formats without specifying a rendering method, either OpenGL or
     Z-buffer might be used, each of which creates bitmap graphics. Storing a
     bitmap in a vector file can generate a very large file that takes a long
     time to print. If you use one of these formats and want to make sure that
     your figure is saved as a vector file, be sure to set the rendering method
     to Painter's.
      adds the pushtool to the current figure.
      adds the pushtool to the figure with handle hFig.
      adds the pushtool to the each new created figure automatically.
      remove the automatically adding of pushtools for new figures.

See also: ALWAYSONTOP (in FileExchange)

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I am used to trying and testing your submissions. My favourite is the WHICHX function. The UISWITCHRENDERER feature is very helpful, it often happens that the renderer is not perfect on my Linux machine. Now with this small button on the toolbor, it is both easy and fast to try the different renderers. Great job Elmar!



updated version 1.2v

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MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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