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ROV Design and Analysis (RDA) - Simulink

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ROV control system design and simulation toolbox



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The toolbox provides various block diagrams for ROV control systems design.
The 3D models of some ROV vehicles, various controller design (e.g. Cascaded control, Decoupled control, Adaptive and Sliding-Mode control and etc. ),thrusters model, identification using Kalman filters are included.
Utilities such as 6DoF to 4 DoF conversions, six- sigma calculation, switching sequence, input profile are included as well. Besides the nonlinear and linear analysis are also presented.

User can refer to the readme text file for installation guides.

Comments and Ratings (6)

Ghulam Abbasi

A very good software can we can use it for UUV purpose also?? can you send me some notes to understand the program correctly

Nguyen Quang


Frank (view profile)

Can somebody explain me why the perturbed RRC model has two inputs (ubar_i and thrust)? I would expect only one

sjtu yang

help me alot 3X

Jame Lee

useful guide to thruster control.

Joseph Lau

good simulation toolbox for rov control simulation.



update some m files

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