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Digital implementation of RC low pass filter



31 Mar 2008 (Updated )

Plot the step and frequency response of a digital RC filter

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% Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 India
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% Checked for proper operation with Octave Version 3.0.0
% Author	: Krishna
% Email		:
% Version	: 1.0
% Date		: 2 December 2007
% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

% Script for a digital implementation of RC low pass filter
close all
fsMHz = 10; % frequency, MHz
ip = [zeros(1,25) ones(1,75) zeros(1,25)]; % step input
N = 4096; % Number of points for frequency analysis 

k = 0.1;
[h1F f1] = freqz([0 k],[1 -(1-k)],N,'whole',fsMHz);
op1 = filter([0 k],[1 -(1-k)],ip);

k = 0.2;
[h2F f2] = freqz([0 k],[1 -(1-k)],N,'whole',fsMHz);
op2 = filter([0 k],[1 -(1-k)],ip);

hold on
axis([-fsMHz/2 fsMHz/2 -25 3])
grid on
xlabel('frequency, MHz')
title('Magnitude response of the filter')
legend('k=0.1', 'k=0.2') 

hold on
hold on
xlabel('time, \mus')
title('step response')
grid on
axis([0 12.4 0 1.2])
legend('ip', 'op1 k=0.1', 'op2 k=0.2')

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