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Ford-Fulkerson algorithm

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The Ford-Fulkerson algorithm (named for L. R. Ford, Jr. and D. R. Fulkerson) computes the maximum fl



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Main function is function max_flow=ff_max_flow(source,sink,capacity,nodes_number).
The graph is expressed as N by N adjacency matrix. N is the number of vertices in the graph, i.e., "nodes_number". "source","sink" are identified by the node ID. "capacity" is an N by N matrix express the edge capacity. "max_flow" is output max flow found.

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guys I'm new to matlab , could you please any one tell me how to run this code ?
When I run it directly it gives me error:

Error using ff_max_flow (line 3)
Not enough input arguments.

luo luo

Why I can not get the right max flow? whatever the capacity matric is, the result of max flow is always zero. Is the code feasible?


kedar (view profile)

Ahmed Hassan

when I enter the set(h.Nodes(K(1,:)),'Color',[1 0 0]) to View Minimum Cut the message appear ??? Undefined variable "h" or class "h.Nodes". please what can I do?


Mango (view profile)

just follow the description, first create your matrix from command line, then use the command

max_flow=ff_max_flow(number of sources,number of sinks, matrix name, number of nodes)

it will give you the output max_flow =
or just find maximum flow min cut using


Manar (view profile)

Please provide an example very quickly

Ahmed Rizk

Please provide an example
Best Regards

Gok s

Please provide an example

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MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)

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