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Economic dispatch by quadratic programming

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This software solves the economic dispatch problem by quadratic programming



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This code solves the economic dispatch by quadratic programming.Monotonic quadratic Fuel cost equations with Bmn coefficients is considered this model.

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eng ashraf

What if your cost function is as follow How would I modify eld.m so that it can handle the case of
F(P,h) =a+b*p+c*p^2+d*h+e*h^2+f*p*h
are 10*1 vectors

David Weldon

What if your cost function is a third degree polynomial. How would I modify eld.m so that it can handle the case of F(P) = a*P^3+b*P^2+c*P+d ?

Ho Kwan Ki

sir in the case deregulated market the equality demand constraint becomes inequal ie. A*x< this case the quadratic prog is not working for me. what are the modifications i should made in this case. can you help me regarding this.


finally we made our program on BFO using ELD ..!!!!!!!!!!!


u guys are haven't even tried making program on BF on economic dispatch

Rafee md

hello sir this is an excellent program. i will try this to solve the problem.

saloman danaraj

I hope all of you finding this program useful.With some little modification it can be used along with power flow(OPF)

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