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What's New for Object-Oriented Programming in MATLAB Webinar - Code Examples



10 Apr 2008 (Updated )

Code examples used in "What's New for Object-Oriented Programming in MATLABĀ®" Webinar

%% Load Parameters
% Loads and initializes a number of data items and parameters

%% Define far-field targets/sources
DirectionsOfArrival=[-10; 20]; % Orginal directions (degrees)
SourceFreq=12e7;               % Source frequency
Range=1e8;                     % Distance of all sources (m)
c=3e8;                         % Speed of light (m/s)
Wavelength=c/SourceFreq;       % Wavelength of sources (m)
Amplitude=1;                   % Amplitude of sources at sensor array

%% Information About Targets
Targets=[DirectionsOfArrival*pi/180  repmat([Range Amplitude SourceFreq],numSources,1)];
%% Define Sensor Array
NumSensors=16;           % Number of sensors
NumSamples=64;           % Number of snapshots
SampleRate=1/.3e-7;      % Sampling period
SNR=50;                  % SNR
Spacing=Wavelength/2;	 % Set Sensor spacing in meters to wavelength/2
Name='Sensor Array Amplitudes';

%% Clean up
clear Amplitude Range SourceFreq numSources

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