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Plot a Directed Graph (v2.0)


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Plot a Directed Graph (v2.0)



14 Apr 2008 (Updated )

plots a directed graph represented by an adjacency matrix and xy points

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GPLOTDC Plot a Directed Graph
GPLOTDC(A,XY) Plots the Directed Graph represented by adjacency matrix A and points xy using the default style described below
GPLOTDC(A,XY,PARAM1,VAL1,PARAM2,VAL2,...) Plots the Directed Graph using valid parameter name/value pairs

A - NxN adjacency matrix, where A(I,J) is nonzero (=1) if and only if there is an edge between points I and J
xy - Nx2 matrix of x/y coordinates
... - Parameter name/value pairs that are consistent with valid PLOT parameters can also be specified
Default Plot Style Details:
1. Undirected (2-way) edges are plotted as straight solid lines (blue)
2. Directed (1-way) edges are plotted as curved dotted lines with the curvature bending counterclockwise moving away from a point (red)
3. Any vertex that is connected to itself is plotted with a circle around it (black)

Note: The directed edges are curved, thus providing an easy visualization of the edge direction. The curvature bends counterclockwise (or to the right of a straight line) for edges moving away from a point. For example, in the screenshot, there is an edge connecting point 6 to point 7, and one connecting point 8 to point 5, but not the other way around.


Plot A Directed Graph inspired this file.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)
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07 Feb 2013 Vladimir

The idea with indicating edge directions by right-hand-curved lines is outstanding!

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