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Simulink programmable pulse generator

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A pulse generator with amplitude, pulse width, and pulse period inputs.



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The pulse generator included in Simulink does not provide the ability to programmatically set the parameters. This block provides inputs that allow the amplitude, pulse width, and pulse period to be set. It's fairly simple, but wasn't obvious to me so I thought I'd share it.

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Pratyush Raj

how to input phase delay

Not working for periods < 1 second

Thanks so much. It is very useful.


nice work. But will it work if i give time period as a sampling time like 2e-6 ??

Pulse Width and Pulse Period are in seconds. Thanks a lot for this simulink block. :)


Rahul (view profile)


Useful, but please incorporate phase delay option


I found it very useful. Thanks a lot!


Nancy (view profile)

please tell me the time unit for the pulse period


uday (view profile)

Hi the pulse generator works fine could u suggest how to add phase delay block to this pulse genrator .

Basil Aljorani

amazing , really , really thanks
i need in my PhD work

upma rai

how to change bit rate of gennerated when i want to generate pulse of 10kbit/sec den how can I do......plz suggest me

alvin phee

HI there,
the model seems fine when working with integer constants input,however when i put non-integer values,the data read write seems to have a problem.Any ideas?


Isaiah (view profile)

Hi, was able to open the model. seems to work fine, however, whenever i send an input to the pulsewidth input via a gain block, it doesnt work. please could you advise why this is so?
and could you give any hints as to what i can do to correct this.
i have to say though, it is a very good model.

vivek b

Hi.. I could not open the model. I have r14sp3 but couldn't open the model .It looks like the version is 7.1 whereas the version in r14sp3 (of simulink) is 6.1.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)

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