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3-Band Parametric Equalizer

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3-Band Parametric Equalizer



15 Jul 2002 (Updated )

Simulink model of a 3-band parametric equalizer controlled by a user-friendly GUI.

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File Information

The Simulink model in this submission implements a 3-band parametric equalizer using a time-varying IIR filter, whose filter coefficients are generated by a S-function. This S-function implements the digital parametric equalizer design algorithm created by Sophocles J. Orfanidis.
The user inputs the desired parameters to this S-function through a convenient GUI, with which the peak gain, center frequency and the bandwidth of a band can be specified. Dragging and moving the colored markers or the colored lines in the GUI changes the filter parameters.
Please change the name of the WAV file in the "From Wave File" block to the name of your own .wav file in the path, or you could also use the 'From Wave Device' block in Signal PRocessing Blockset to run it with sound from sounds card.

Reference: S. J. Orfanidis (1997), "Digital parametric equalizer design with prescribed Nyquist-frequency gain," Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, vol. 45, num. 6, pp. 444-55.

Thanks to Dick Benson for modifying the original version to make it more robust.

Required Products DSP System Toolbox
Signal Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a)
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Comments and Ratings (13)
06 Dec 2016 Michael Stein

does this only work on Matlab 7.2 (R2006a). I have Matlab R2016b and I'm having a lot of trouble. Trying to use this Parametric EQ to conduct my capstone project in my undergrad. If ANYONE can help, please email me:

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13 Aug 2013 kriangsak

oh my god!

06 Jul 2010 david t53

I get the following error.
> GraphicGUI
??? Error using ==> GraphicGUI at 33
Invalid Simulink object name: /band1.

what can be the problem?

best regards,

Comment only
14 May 2008 M Afzal

Hello there
Well I liked your concept; itÂ’s simple and easy to use.
Even I had opt this as my project in DSP course
Kindly can u forward me the documentations of this project, I will be grateful for that.
Kind regards

09 Mar 2008 sorin hurmuz


if you are kind please send me documents of this project.this is my final project.i am a student from electronics.

19 Nov 2006 ammar algafary

17 Oct 2004 kesavan ramasamy

how do i use it actually? i have to design an equalizer for sound effects and i hope to apply is not working..pls help

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11 May 2003 bilal sadeed

i am a student in BAU
i want this file for my project

22 Nov 2002 nhat nguyen trung

10 Oct 2002 YS

??? Invalid MEX-file

Unable to load mex file: h:\research\Matlab test\parEq.dll.
One of the library files needed to run this application cannot be found.

19 Aug 2002 Arvind Ananthan

The errors obtained by Gary are a result of mismatch between the input sample rate and/or frame size compared to what's entered for certain other blocks within the model. The WAV file's sample rate needs to be 44100 (CD Quality sound) and 256 samples per frame (channel). If you are using anything else, make sure to change the sampling rate of the sybsytems.

09 Aug 2002 Gary Xu

Error reported by S-function 'sdspvdf2t2' in block 'parameqr12/Subsystem/Time-Varying Direct- Form II Transpose Filter':
Sample time of control inputs (input port 2 and higher) must be identical to the sample time of the signal input (port 1)

09 Aug 2002 Gary Xu

Error reported by S-function 'sdspvdf2t2' in block 'parameqr12/Subsystem/Time-Varying Direct- Form II Transpose Filter':
Sample time of control inputs (input port 2 and higher) must be identical to the sample time of the signal input (port 1)

17 Jul 2002

Changed the name and description to accurately describe the submission.

17 Jul 2002

Incorrect description

17 Jul 2002

Flashier color scheme ;-).

17 Jul 2002

Smaller screenshot!

17 Jul 2002

Tiny ScreenShot!

17 Jul 2002


01 Sep 2016

Updated license

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