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N-Dimensional BSplines

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Construct coefficients of interpolating or smoothing BSplines from N-dimensional array, analytically



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Class to enable BSpline signal and image processing. Based off of the papers:

M. Unser, A. Aldroubi, and M. Eden, "B-Spline Signal Processing: Part I - Theory," IEEE Trans Sig Proc, 41(2):821-833, Feb 1993.

M. Unser, A. Aldroubi, and M. Eden, "B-Spline Signal Processing: Part II - Efficient Design and Applications," IEEE Trans Sig Proc, 41(2):834-848, Feb 1993.

The class constructor, bsarray.m, takes as input a n-dimensional array, and computes B-spline coefficients for interpolating or smoothing splines of any order less than or equal to 7.

Other member functions enable various computations/manipulations:

indirectFilter.m: reconstructs a signal from BSpline coefficients stored in a bsarray object

partial.m: analytically computes the partial derivative, returning a bsarray object of one less degree in the desired dimension

interp1.m, interp2.m, interp3.m: overloaded versions of interp1, interp2, and interp3, that operate on bsarray objects to interpolate the original data.

See help on each of these functions for instructions on how to call them.

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maryam (view profile)


Manu (view profile)

Excellent Toolbox. Thanks!

Farhad M

Thank you very much for the useful code! Is it possible to implement the code on parallel computers for volume image interpolation?


Fer (view profile)

Thanks... Could it be possible to add circular and mirror boundary conditions and non-uniform nodal points?


Shai Bagon

Nice! thanks

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