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let user choose between yes or no

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YESNO - returns true for y-key, false for n-key

ISYES = YESNO waits for a keypress of either the Y-key or N-key and returns a logical one (true) if the Y-key was pressed, and a logical zero (false) if the N-key was pressed.
    fprintf('\nHere is a number for you: %5.0f', 1000*rand)
        fprintf('\nDo you want another number (y/n)? ') ;
        if yesno, fprintf(' %5.0f', 1000*rand) ;
        else fprintf('\nBye!\n') ;

version 1.0 april 2008

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alain boyer

V. Poor

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

Inspired by: getkey

Inspired: Islanding Detection In Distributed Generation

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