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Generating and Integrating Code Composer Studio library from Simulink for a C5510 DSK

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Integrate code generated from a Simulink model into a C5510 DSK Project



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This short recording (<10 minutes) shows how one can generate a compiled CCS library from a Simulink model, and then integrate that generated library into an existing Code Composer Studio project. This is useful in situations where an algorithm designed and tested in MATLAB/Simulink needs to be integrated into a larger project implemented on a custom board. Another use case is when Simulink doesn't support a particular board (ADC/DAC device driver blocks not available), then this approach can be used to create a complete standalone implementation of your algorithm using an example feed-through project for that board (C5510 in this example).
The feedthrough project for the C5510 can be found in the DDK 1.2 software downloaded from TI's website.

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