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Mechanical Friction with Simulink and Physical Modeling

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Modeling and simulating mechanical friction in the Simulink® and Physical Modeling environment

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Stephen Lunzman (Caterpillar), Dallas Kennedy and Steve Miller (The MathWorks)
Systems modeled include clutches, transmission, and pistons. The friction is continuous or hybrid continuous-locking type. Locking friction requires mode iteration and algebraic loops.

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NOTE: If you receive MATLAB® command line warnings upon opening these models in a later version of Simulink, resave, close, and reopen the models in the later version.

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Appreciate for authors' effort! Thanks a lot!

David Sung

Komla Ofori

I believe such files can provide very good learning opportunities for me, in my quest to learn and use MATLAB.
Keep it up.

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abdallah gamal

i want new software version of matlap & simulink

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s Thrush

Mike Little

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