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Tips for Fixed-Point Modeling and Code Generation for Simulink 7 (R2008a)

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Tips on fixed-point modeling and code generation for R2008a. Includes referenced model files.

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There are challenges to face when programming in fixed-point code manually. Similarly, care is required in automatically generating fixed-point code. The developer must pay attention to design tradeoffs, namely: accuracy, efficiency, ROM, RAM, execution time, and readability.
The MathWorks tools allow you to find and understand proven remedies to these difficulties, using the "General Solutions" in this white paper. But the heart of this document is the rich collection of Tips it provides. The tips are the result of the combined expertise of MathWorks developers and experienced customers. The systematic application of these tips will produce optimum code.

Note that this document is a major update to the previous two versions based on Simulink® 5, written by Siva Nadarajah, and Simulink 6, written by Vinod Reddy.

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Shi vera

I can't rate because this web page is sth wrong. five stars!!!

Shi vera

i have to say this one is amazing !Good one!

nagaraju boya

I have been working on fixed poing modelling for the one year. Lot of thinks were unclear now after reading this i clarified lot of my doubts


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